Increase profits, lower running costs, and gain greater customer satisfaction.
Automated Laundry Systems offers the best commercial laundry equipment on the market. Our Electrolux Professional, Wascomat, and Encore washers and dryers are built to help laundromat business reach peak profitability.
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Electrolux Professional Coin Equipment

Put the innovative Electrolux Professional brand to work for your business.
Electrolux Professional makes the highest quality, most innovative laundry equipment on the market. When you invest in an Electrolux Professional coin laundry machine, you get the highest quality and efficiency, which means better results for your customers and lower utility bills for your business. Get a quote today >

  • Auto Savings
  • Power Balance
  • Reverse Dry
  • EcoPower
  • High-Spin 450G Extraction
  • 18-135 lb. Large Capacity Washers
  • Anti-Virus & Santizing Rinse Cycles
  • 20+ Languages, Voice Guidance, SMS Notifications, and so much more!
Save up to
on water
100G to
Dry Faster
Less Gas

Wascomat Coin Equipment

The trusted classic, still powerful after 50 years of serving the laundry industry.
Whether you’re opening a new laundromat or replacing old equipment, now is the perfect time to invest in a brand the laundry industry has relied on for more than half a century. Wascomat coin laundry equipment is designed for long life, value, quality — and BIG energy and water savings. Get a quote today >

  • Auto Savings
  • Power Balance
  • Reverse Dry
  • EcoPower
  • High-Spin 350G Extraction
  • 18-265 lb. Large Capacity Washers
  • Anti-Virus & Santizing Rinse Cycles
  • 50+ Programs, Multi-Lingual Display, Voice Guidance, and so much more!

Designed With Laundromat Owners In Mind

Our commercial laundry equipment is designed with laundromat owners like you in mind. We understand that as a laundromat owner, you need your equipment to provide an excellent service to your customers while keeping overall running costs to a minimum. That’s why we are proud to be an exclusive provider of Electrolux Professional, Wascomat, and Encore commercial washers and dryers.

Our equipment’s excellent wash results and short cycle times will help you grow your base of happy returning customers. With more returning customers, your store will generate higher revenues, and you’ll be able to keep more of that revenue in your business thanks to the low overall running costs of our machines.


Encore Coin Equipment

The future of semi-professional laundry equipment.
Our Encore washers and dryers are built with commercial components, and last nearly three times longer than residential models and top-load washers. Encore semi-professional laundry equipment is an excellent choice for laundromats. Get a quote today >

  • 22 lb. Capacity
  • 15,000+ Cycles
  • 8-Point Suspension
  • Heavy Duty SKF Bearings
  • High-Spin 300G Extraction
  • Soft-Mount Design For Easy Installation
  • Time-of-Day Promo Pricing
  • Adjustable Water Levels and Custom Programs for Higher Revenue

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Laundromat Ancillary Items

At Automated Laundry Systems, we don’t just supply our laundromat owners with the highest quality commercial washers and dryers. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your coin laundry needs. Shop >


Laundromat Management System

With LaundryPulse, you can remotely manage your laundromat right from your laptop or phone. With powerful, yet easy to understand, statistical data available anytime, you’ll be well equipped to make the smartest decisions for your business.


Laundromat Payment Systems

The LaundryPay app lets customers to pay with their mobile phone and gives them the best laundromat experience. Earn loyalty points, check machine availability before leaving home, and receive real-time wash notifications.

Our Laundromat Business Services

Our professional business services cover everything from A to Z needed to build a new laundromat business or maintain and improve the profitability of your existing store.

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