A convenient and well-functioning laundry room helps to meet the basic daily needs of millions of Americans that live in apartment communities, condominiums, university residence halls, cooperatives, military installations and senior living facilities.  Property owners and managers all know how important this amenity is in attracting new residents and satisfying the needs of current residents in their multi-housing facilities.

That’s why the laundry rooms we design and install for multi-housing operations are thoughtfully planned with leading-edge amenities and the most reliable and innovative laundry equipment for you and your residents.  It’s also why we are committed to providing superior service you can count on.

Our experienced pros work with you to:

  • Determine the best configuration for your residents, whether the laundry equipment should be concentrated into one centralized area or smaller rooms spread throughout the property;
  • Plan for proper connections for electric and gas lines, water supply and drainage, and proper air and dryer ventilation;
  • Provide the latest smart-card technology for coin-free operations which eliminates cash and provides customers considerably more security and convenience.

Our process begins with a property survey to assess the physical condition and locations of the common laundry room(s), electrical outlets, plumbing, gas lines, layout and type of equipment, and any special security concerns. We work in partnership with the Property Manager, a designated Board Member, Building Owner or Management Company to fully understand the needs of the owner and the residents so we can provide the best equipment solution possible.

Give us a call at (800)518-9274 or email sales@alstoday.com to see how we can help you maximize the potential of your multi-housing laundry operation.

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