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When you are ready to make your laundry business dreams a reality, Automated Laundry Systems will be here to help. And our construction experts can handle any laundromat project, whether you need a ground-up build, old store renovations, or consultancy services.

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Laundromat Design

Automated Laundry Systems offers the best laundromat design services in Florida and SE Georgia. Whether you are planning to build a new store or want to retool an established laundromat, our experts can help you design the most profitable laundromat layout.


Laundromat Construction & Renovation

When you have settled on a design, it’s time to select your contractors. Our construction team has years of experience building new laundromat stores and retooling established laundromat locations. We can help make your laundromat vision a reality. And if you already have a construction team lined up, we can consult with your contractors and advise them on the particular requirements for your laundromat businesses.


Commercial Laundry Equipment

Our commercial laundry equipment is designed for fast cycle times and low energy and water consumption.


Laundromat Owners

Automated Laundry Systems has worked with hundreds of laundromat owners in Florida and SE Georgia to build success laundry businesses. Discover how we can help boost your profits.



Browse our listings of laundromat businesses for sale in Florida and SE Georgia. We have both turnkey properties and retool projects in prime locations.

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