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Automated Laundry Systems has worked with hundreds of laundromat owners in Florida and SE Georgia to build successful laundry businesses. We offer a wide range of services to our new and legacy customers; from ground-up construction to laundromat marketing services — if you need it, we do it! And of course, we offer the best commercial laundry equipment on the market.
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The Best Laundromat Equipment

Our efficient commercial laundry washers and dryers deliver high performance and low running costs. And with a full range of ancillary items and replacement parts, we can supply every product your laundromat needs.

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Our Laundromat Customers

At Automated Laundry Systems, our philosophy is simple: provide the very best profit-generating equipment to laundromat owners and back up each sale with a full range of services to help our store owners thrive for years to come.


New Laundromat Investors

If you are a new investor who wants to get into the laundromat business, you have come to the right place. Automated Laundry Systems has a long history of helping entrepreneurs find success in the coin laundry industry. And, while our equipment is the best on the market, it’s not the only reason new investors choose to partner with Automated Laundry Systems. Through our demographic studies, we can help you find the perfect location for your store, and our brokerage, construction, and financing services will get your business up and running.


Legacy Store Owners

When you are an Automated Laundry Systems store owner, you get the best equipment on the market. But your relationship with Automated Laundry Systems won’t end there. We’ll be here to support your business for years to come. Our factory-trained technicians will swiftly handle any repairs, and we offer a full range of replacement parts to help you keep your equipment running efficiently long into the future.


Dissatisfied Laundromat Owners

If your laundromat business is being weighed down by high utility bills, Automated Laundry Systems can help you transform your store into an efficient, profit-generating machine. Our Electrolux Professional and Wascomat equipment outperforms other popular brands when it comes to water and energy savings. And when you opt for our retooling service, you can benefit from our financing packages and free marketing services too!

Our Laundromat Business Services

Our professional business services cover everything from A to Z needed to build a new laundromat business or maintain and improve the profitability of your existing store.

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