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Automated Laundry Systems helps businesses save big on their laundry expenses while getting better, more reliable results compared to sending their laundry off-site. We help build on-premises laundry operations for businesses big and small from hotels and government facilities to nursing homes, gyms, and salons.
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The best and most reliable commercial laundry equipment.

Our efficient commercial laundry washers and dryers are designed for high performance, low running costs, and easy operation. And with a full range of ancillary items and replacement parts, we have everything you and your employees need to run an efficient in-house laundry.

Our on-premises laundry equipment
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Bring the benefits of on-premises laundry to your business.

If your business is currently sending your linens out to be laundered, why not consider the benefits of bringing your laundry in-house?


Cost Savings

Save up to 40% on your laundry costs.


Quality Control

Take control of your linen hygiene.


No Late Deliveries

In-house laundries are never late.

Our On-Premises Laundry Services

We provide a full range of services to help you set up your in-house laundry and keep it running at maximum efficiency.


Our Equipment Rental Program

Do you want all the benefits of commercial laundry equipment with no upfront cost? Ask us about our leasing options.

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